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2021-09-16 | Newsticker
innovaphone Dialogs 2021 - Let's Meet Online


We cordially invite our partners to participate in our innovaphone Dialogs 2021.

The innovaphone Dialogs 2021 will be hosted in form of a virtual event once more this year since we are concerned about the health of all participants.


Dates for the innovaphone Dialogs 2021:

October 6th, 2021 (German – Austria, Switzerland)

October 7th, 2021 (English – International)

November 10th, 2021 (Spanish)

November 11th, 2021 (German – Germany)

November 17th, 2021 (Italian)

November 18th, 2021 (French)


We very much look forward to meeting you online for another unforgettable event.

Register here

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2021-09-08 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r2 SR2
New SIP Provider – Germany

113509 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-HFO-NGN_Connec


Switchboard App: Additional information in the "Small Icons" view

113027 - App Switchboard: Add dialog info on small icons

You can now see who is calling whom in the busy lamp field (BLF) when you click on the corresponding contact in the "small icons".


SwitchboardAdmin App: BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Configuration

114100 - App SwitchboardAdmin: Allow to configure BLF for users

It is now possible to copy and edit the busy lamp field (BLF) of users via the Admin App.


Fax App: Optimized Settings for E-Mail Notifications

113591 - Fax App: E-mail notifications can’t be set

E-mail notifications cannot be enabled if the e-mail address is "username"@"system domain" and if it is not configured with the flag in the PBX configuration or if it is configured twice. Also, the e-mail addresses are now always displayed in lower case.


myApps for Windows: Updated Headset SDKs

113544 - myApps Windows: Update headset SDKs

The headset SDKs of following manufacturers have been updated for myApps Windows:

  • Jabra
  • Poly
  • Epos


Read the complete release notes V13r2 SR2.

2021-08-11 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: PhoneLink App by Snom


PhoneLink for innovaphone is an auto provisioning app (available in English) that enables admins of an innovaphone PBX to seamlessly integrate Snom telephones by using the familiar graphic interface of innovaphone. After installing PhoneLink, Snom telephones can easily be added by entering their MAC address.

Download here

2021-07-09 | Newsticker
NEW: Automatic iSC Reloading Service

The innovaphone Service Credits (iSC) are the electronic payment method for our innovaphone myApps Cloud services and innovaphone Software Rental. The iSC can be ordered via the innovaphone price list just like any other innovaphone product. Using the Devices app, the administrator can bind iSC to the corresponding device or instance.

As an alternative to recharging an iSC account manually, a contract for the automatic iSC reloading service can be concluded - either in the portal or with a service partner. With this recharging service, innovaphone will regularly check whether a sufficient amount of iSC is available on the account to cover the currently configured rental objects. The iSC account will then be automatically reloaded before the balance is used up.

The timing for the automatic reloading before the calculated expiry and the amount that is to be credited can be configured individually.

For additional information on the automatic iSC reloading service, please contact your authorized innovaphone Partner or read our Wiki article Howto:V13 Activate Automatic-iSC-Reloading-Service

2021-05-25 | Newsticker
Announcement: The Launch of our innovaphone Community

With our innovaphone Community, we want to give partners and end customers the opportunity to become familiar with myApps and to test the different functions of the platform with the various apps. innovaphone Community is cloud-based and runs on innovaphone myApps Cloud. It is operated by innovaphone and made available to partners and end customers free of charge (please note that fees may apply with mobile connections).  

Important notice: We further use the innovaphone Community for online events hosted by innovaphone where we share latest information and interesting content with you.

  • Check the Agenda app regularly to view the status of all dates for the online events
  • Live presentations by innovaphone are broadcast via our Live Stream app
  • The integrations show you how to integrate 3rd party apps into the myApps interface. These apps are available for you to test but they are not included within the innovaphone AG product portfolio
  • Visit the Overview app for additional information and how to get started.

Set up your own user account right away, become part of our innovaphone Community and take a look around for yourself.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your innovaphone Partner Manager.

2021-05-18 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Release Notes V13r1 SR26
New SIP Provider - Germany

108609 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-PYUR_Business-SIP_Trunk


New SIP Provider - Spain

109047 - SIP-Provider Profile ES-Voztelecom-SIP_Trunk

Support and changes for new and existing headsets on IP phones

The Jabra headsets Jabra Pro 935 (new product ID), Jabra Evolve2 40 and Jabra Speak 750 are now supported

109199 - Phone USB Headsets: Support Jabra Pro 935 (new id), Evolve2 40, Speak 750

The Sennheiser headset EPOS SP30 (new product ID) is now supported.

108174 - phone: USB headsets: add EPOS SP30 product ID


IP6013 VoIP gateway: full fax functionality available with immediate effect

Fax now fully functional on the IP6013, covering both T.38 and audio fax.

109080 - IP6013 DSP: Fax T38 didnt work


IP511 VoIP gateway: fax function now supports audio fax

109529 - ip511: Support for audio fax


Read our complete release notes on V13r1 SR26

2021-05-06 | Newsticker
New innovaphone White Paper: “Corporate Communications – Cloud Computing & its Alternatives”

We proudly present our new innovaphone white paper: Corporate Communications – Cloud Computing & its Alternatives.

The innovaphone white paper will provide detailed information on following topics:

  • Why do businesses switch their enterprise communication to the cloud
  • Five myths about the cloud
  • “Helping you decide” – would your company profit from the cloud?
  • How can you make sure to select the right cloud solution for your business
  • The innovaphone concept: rent, buy or move to the cloud


Download our latest innovaphone white paper “Corporate Communications – Cloud Computing and its Alternatives” now and free of charge.

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