2021-05-06 | Newsticker
New innovaphone White Paper: “Corporate Communications – Cloud Computing & its Alternatives”

We proudly present our new innovaphone white paper: Corporate Communications – Cloud Computing & its Alternatives.

The innovaphone white paper will provide detailed information on following topics:

  • Why do businesses switch their enterprise communication to the cloud
  • Five myths about the cloud
  • “Helping you decide” – would your company profit from the cloud?
  • How can you make sure to select the right cloud solution for your business
  • The innovaphone concept: rent, buy or move to the cloud


Download our latest innovaphone white paper “Corporate Communications – Cloud Computing and its Alternatives” now and free of charge.

2021-04-22 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Release Notes V13r1 SR25
New SIP Provider – Switzerland


New SIP Provider – Netherlands

107314 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-MachCloud-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider – Poland

107730 - SIP-Provider Profile PL-eCall-SIP_Trunk

App Platform: customized ports for SMTP servers possible

106851 - App Platform: Allow to set customized port on SMTP

The port for the SMTP server can now be set manually ( If the port is not user-defined, port 25 is used by default.


Read the full release notes on V13r1 SR25.

2021-04-14 | Newsticker
innovaphone participates in the "Cloud Services made in Germany" initiative

How time flies – it has already been a year since we launched our own innovaphone cloud solution. Especially last spring, many of our customers profited from the flexible concept of the innovaphone myApps Cloud, since a lot of businesses had to quickly set up remote workplaces for their staff due to the emerging pandemic.

Even if things had to move fast back then, the security aspect was certainly not neglected. Back then and also today, it is one crucial factor why customers opt in favor of our innovaphone myApps Cloud – developed in Germany and hosted in Europe.

Just in time for our 1st anniversary of innovaphone myApps Cloud, innovaphone has joined the “Cloud Services made in Germany” initiative, which stands for legal clarity when using cloud solutions. Especially in a globalized world, ’made in Germany’ is a seal of quality that stands for reliability, durability and solidity. By fulfilling the strict criteria for inclusion in the solution catalogue of the ’Cloud Services made in Germany’ initiative, our customers receive even more legal clarity.

Some of the admittance criteria include:

  • The business of the cloud service provider was founded in Germany and the headquarters are also located in Germany.
  • The business concludes contracts with customers of cloud services with Service Level Agreements (SLA) according to German law.
  • The place of jurisdiction for all contractual and legal matters rests in Germany.
  • The business provides locally based, German-speaking service and support for customer enquiries.

For further details, please refer to our innovaphone press release.

2021-04-12 | Newsticker
UPDATE: IP6013 VoIP Gateway - available from V13r1 SR25

We had already provided information on our latest addition and key player of the innovaphone VoIP gateway product range at the end of last year. Now, we are happy to announce that the IP6013 will be available with the service release V13r1 SR25 (scheduled for mid April 2021).

Please visit our website for more detailed information on our IP6013 VoIP gateway

2021-03-25 | Newsticker
Beta 13r2 is coming

Our BETA VERSION 13r2 is just around the corner and we cordially invite you to now join the test phase of our Beta Version

We have compiled some helpful information for you:


  • The Beta 13r2 includes many new features and apps and is divided into different phases. The first test phase is available for you as of today, you may want to take a look straight away
  • Every new phase will be announced via the Highlights of our Release Notes in our monthly newsletter and via our innovaphone Tech account on Twitter.
  • The Beta is continuously being developed and expanded with new features, apps, etc.


  • Participate in the test phase via our newly created Beta Forum
  • Should you not yet be registered with an innovaphone Forum account, simply sign up now and get started straight away.
  • One you have logged into the innovaphone Forum, click onto V13r2 Beta Forum and you will be exactly where you need to be


  • Download the Software from our V13r2 Beta Store now
  • Test the Beta Version of 13r2 and send us your FEEDBACK
  • We have already started some discussions for you to participate in
  • The topic you would like to discuss is not listed yet? You can always start a new discussion
  • Please note: the preferred language for the Beta phase is English

Sneak Preview: innovaphone Conference Web Access

Did we spark your interest? Get in touch with your certified innovaphone Reseller

2021-03-22 | Newsticker
NEW: IP73 WiFi Phone – Bluetooth-capable Handset for Use in Office Environments

Our IP62 WiFi phone is being replaced by the IP73, which is now ready for order. The new handset features the modern look of our current DECT devices and offers a great new feature: it supports Bluetooth headsets. Just like the IP62, the IP73 can be operated on the innovaphone PBX as an extension line on its own or on the same extension number in addition to a desktop phone.

Please note: The IP62 will soon receive the status “End of Sale” and can then no longer be ordered. We still have a limited number in stock. These can be ordered on a first come – first served basis while stocks last.

For more detailed information on equipment, features and technical data, please refer to our innovaphone Wiki.

2021-03-22 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Release Notes V13r1 SR24
New SIP Provider – Germany

106264 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-gnTel-SIP_Trunk

New SIP Provider – Switzerland

107043 - Add Combridge-Business System SIP Trunk


Please view the full Release Notes V13r1 SR24

2021-02-17 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r1 SR23
New SIP provider – Germany

104716 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Easybell-SIP_Trunk

myApps for mobile: new optimization for Android and iOS
Contacts app: optimization of the LDAP registration

104762 - App Contacts: Install Script, LDAP Authentication

A domain for the user (LDAP) can now be entered in the Contacts Plugin in the AP Manager. This makes it possible to forward LDAP queries via the Reverse Proxy with a freely definable bind domain in the user name to the correct innovaphone App Platform.


Please view the full Release Notes V13r1 SR23

2020-12-23 | Newsticker
Hacker attack on the innovaphone internal network

In december there was a hacker attack on our internal network. It seems improbable that personal data was downloaded, and there is no proof that personal data was accessed, however, we cannot fully disregard the possibility.

In the meantime all persons whose data might have been accessed have been informed by us.

Please note: the innovaphone PBX, the innovaphone App Platform or other innovaphone equipment and software were NOT accessed. All innovaphone equipment remained safe at any time during the attack.

The attackers just managed to gain access to microsoft servers within our internal network.

We are very sorry about this incident and we are currently working on ways how to better protect our data and that of our business partners in the future.

2020-12-01 | Newsticker
NEW: innovaphone IP511 VoIP Gateway – The Universal Hardware Platform myApps for SMEs

Our IP511 fills the gap between our IP411 and IP811 VoIP gateways. The IP511 meets all demands placed on a modern PBX and Unified Communications platform and offers the ideal solution for all businesses that have already successfully migrated from ISDN to All IP.

The compact, powerful mid-range gateway is now available for order - delivery is scheduled to begin on December 14th, 2020.

With ten hardware-based channels (DSP), the IP511 enables the integration of analog devices (e.g. fax machines or door intercoms) plus hardware-based conferencing. It is further equipped with ten software-based channels (Soft Conferencing - please note that required software licenses are not included).

Our IP511 supports the Opus codec and convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Please refer to our innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information and technical data on the IP511

2020-12-01 | Newsticker
NEW: innovaphone IP6013 VoIP Gateway - Key Player for Large Installations & UC Solutions

We proudly present the successor to our IP6010: the high-performance innovaphone IP6013 VoIP gateway which we have jokingly nicknamed “the beast”. Our latest addition to the innovaphone product range offers the most powerful hardware platform to this date and is now available for order - delivery is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2021.

Fun fact that you may have already noticed: our top performer is as new as can be, we could not even provide a picture with the publication of this newsticker :-)

The IP6013 convinces with mighty 1800 MHz, a strong 4 core processor and two M.2 SSD slots. It further supports the Opus codec and is ideal for operation of the innovaphone App Platform as well as the basis for comprehensive UC solutions.

With a capacity of 25,000 users, its nickname “the beast” makes perfect sense. Our IP6013 is additionally equipped with up to 240 SIP channels with 16 possible different SIP providers, plus 60 ISDN trunk channels and 60 software-based conference channels.

Therefore, the IP6013 is the perfect VoIP gateway for large VoIP telephone systems as well as for headquarters with branch offices. It is also ideally suited for smooth migration scenarios and the integration of DECT systems - for example in the healthcare sector.

Please refer to our innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information and technical data on the IP6013

Please note: The IP6010 will soon receive the status “End of Sale” meaning it will then no longer be sold. Of course, operation, maintenance and repairs will still be possible.

2020-11-25 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r1 SR20
Profile app: Improved usability with call diversions

101583 - App Profile: More usability issues on Call Diversions tab

  • Improved input of long phone numbers
  • Input field for diversion no longer duplicated
  • Information on different sessions reliably updated
myApps Android: Mute is supported in the display for incoming calls

101448 - myApps Android: Mute was not supported in the incoming call screen

TURN: Number of configurable accounts increased

101689 - TURN: Don’t allow to enter more users than are supported
In order to be able to configure as many accounts as the system supports, the number of accounts that can be configured on the interface has been increased to 16.

Softphone app: Echo cancellation activated in WebRTC

101653 - Softphone-App: Activate echo cancellation in webrtc


For the full release notes, please click on following link and select “13r1 Service Release 20” via the navigation bar on the left side: Release Notes V13r1 SR20

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