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Getting Started with the innovaphone Community

What to Expect with the innovaphone Community?

1. Live Streams & Online Events

We use our innovaphone Community for virtual events hosted by innovaphone where we get in touch with our partners and end customers interactively and via live stream to share latest news and interesting content.

2. Try innovaphone myApps Free of Charge

Visit the innovaphone Community to familiarize yourself with innovaphone myApps from the cloud. Take a look around, try out a variety of functions and apps, free of charge and super easy.

Willkommen in der innovaphone CommunityWillkommen in der innovaphone Community

Register Now - Free of Charge

How can I Set up a User Account for the innovaphone Community?


Do I Need to Install a Client?

No installation is needed - innovaphone myApps is a browser-based solution. You can use it on any device you please, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or your desktop computer.


 Watch the innovaphone Community tutorial *

* Please note: We may reorganize the home screen from time to time.


Communicating within the innovaphone Community

You can call any user registered on the innovaphone Community. All you need to do is set up a softphone and then you can make and receive calls straight away. Depending on the party you are talking to (hardware / authorizations), you may also make video calls.

How do I Set up My Own Softphone?

  • When you are on your home screen of the innovaphone Community, click on the hamburger button at the top right corner. Now, select the tab "Edit profile"
  • A new window will pop open. On the right-hand side, you have five different tabs. Click on the tab "My phones"
  • Select "+Softphone" to set up a new softphone for yourself
  • Enter the name you would like to use for your softphone and click on "Next" and "Finish" to create your new softphone
  • Your softphone will now be displayed in form of an icon on your home screen and is ready to use

Whom can I Call?

You can call any user registered on the innovaphone Community. The Users app lists all contacts and you can call anyone listed here. You may want to make sure that the user is currently available (presence status indicated in green).

Can I Send Chat Messages within the innovaphone Community?

The Chat app is free for you to use. Within the innovaphone Community, you can even try out the Premium Chat app. With this premium version, the chat record is persistent, you can create chat groups and it is possible to send small data files.

Welcome to the innovaphone Community (Tutorial)

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